To provide affordable therapy with the ability to utilize state of the art adjunctive tools, such as neurofeedback, and other mindful alternatives, to better the lives, relationships, and sense of wellbeing, of the individuals in our community.
NeuroCycles Wellness Center was founded in 2009 by a collective of forward thinking women, who are dedicated to serving the mental health needs of our community, using traditional and alternative therapeutic interventions. NeuroCycles clinicians are curious and eager to learn about new therapeutic interventions in their quest to bring you the natural merger of technology and psychology in a heartfelt and meaningful way.

NeuroCycles Wellness Center provides therapy to Cogswell Polytechnic Institute students to enhance their social, emotional awareness, and overall wellness, during this transformative stage of life. Students are provided with 16 sessions that can include: individual therapy, group therapy, and workshops.

Cogswell Polytechnic Institute
If you are a Cogswell Student looking to connect with a therapist please go to the Cogswell tab and submit a request for services
NeuroCycles clinicians work collaboratively with their clients in identifying their strengths and needs, and developing a plan of how to reach their goals. The NeuroCycles clinician and client will discuss an array of interventions that may support movement to better health and wellness. The NeuroCycles client is empowered to have their voice and choice heard and understood. NeuroCycles serves individuals, couples and families with a wide range of presenting issues.
NeuroCycles Wellness Center is able to offer neurofeedback as an adjunctive intervention to talk therapy. Neurofeedback is a method of training the brain by reading brainwaves and providing visual and audio feedback to the individual. Nothing is put into the brain, rather, through the use of sensors, and computer games, the brain organically adjust to the information that it is being reflected, opening up healthier pathways and ways of responding to everyday situations. Neurofeedback is a wonderful tool to address a host of symptoms: Trauma responses, ADD and ADHD, ASD, Anxiety and Sleep Disturbance to list a few. Your NeuroCycles Clinician will be able to discuss if neurofeedback might be a good fit for your therapy.
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